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Frustrated in Cornwall

Still not running because there is still swelling around my lower leg. Just when I was getting there. No pain, no cramping just swelling. It's getting better slowly. It looks normal unless compared with my other, non-swollen, leg.

I'm wondering what I do about getting back into it when it is time. Any thoughts, experts? How far back should I go? I thought I might just run around the local sports field so that I can stop whenever I need to without a long walk home.

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Oh sheps, how crap is that? I thought by now the leg would have improved. I'd try the sports field because you can always bail if in pain and get home quickly. Try a couple of intervals maybe. Not an expert just a thought. Big hugs and hope the pesky swelling goes and doesn't return


That is odd. If no pain, I would agree with Jancanrun and run a bit bit, then bit more and see if it does hurt anywhere. With no pain, it is hard to say what is going on. You might need an ultrasound scan (P.S. DVT still possible see: nhs.uk/Conditions/Deep-vein...


Dont run...if there is swelling there is an issue..my Physio was clear on that.

It really needs checking out again.....seriously..the runs will still be there..You know how long I was crocked...but back on it now.

Be sensible ?🙂


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