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Good news and bad

Well, finally managed to get some definitive answers from Dr today after the seemingly endless batteries of tests over the last year. The bad news is there is nothing that can really be done about my condition and in the long term it will be the end of me if I live that long. The good news is in the short term i am in no immediate danger and the more high intensity exercise I do, the better. So that's good.

I celebrated with an intense chest and arms workout, although suffered a classic brain fog in the middle of it: I was meant to increase my weight in the overhead push, just by 2.5kg, but was horrified to find I could barely lift the bar. I almost dropped it after 3 reps let alone 3 sets of 8-12. So I dropped back to the previous weight and was again horrified to find that was almost impossible to lift above my head too.

We all have bad days so I just chalked it up to that and went on with the next exercise.

It was only when I was stripping the plates off at the end that I discovered I had counted a pair of 15s as 5s, so was already 20kg over my start point.

Maybe I should just stick to the running.

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:) at the good news and :) at the brain fart, er, fog. As for the other news, well at least you know where you stand.


Like you say, a mixed bag and it sounds like you've got your head around managing it... you probably need some gym glasses or bigger numbers in the weights, happens to all of us 🤓😂

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Good to hear from you! Was only earlier today thinking hadn't seen a post from you and was wondering how you were doing.

In the circumstances I think you can be forgiven for the muddle with the weights :-) :-)

As for the other, I am so pleased for you that it's not an aggressive one and you can carry on 'as you were' so to speak.

So keep on running, keep on posting and enjoy every moment. :-)

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Good to read some news at last, but don't be too hard on yourself Rig, just allow yourself some time to get back in to it and stop being so hard on yourself!

Running can always be depending on to lift even the lowest of moods as I well know, so get back out there and give yourself a pat on the back, you will never give up. Not while we are here, anyway, xxx


Sorry to hear that bad news Rig but never accept when the medical profession say there's "nothing to be done". Gawd knows what medical developments they'll make in the future and hope costs us nothing but means so much 🙂

As to the weights thing. I have only one word for you.

Specsavers 😂

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It's good to hear from you, Rig! *does ten squats with good form hastily*

I'm very glad you can carry on with high intensity exercise and that you celebrated. I giggled at your failure - to read the labels, that is. As for the rest, there may well be something they can do as time progresses, and I'm sure you will make the most of your life.


Hi Rigs,

I can't see you sticking to just running somehow, not without doing intense training too...

You seem to have a handle on this, but know that we are listening. x

And squatting and hydrating ( but not as much as you'd like😉)

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Something will get us all sometime...We just mostly don't know what it is.

If anyone has the tenacity, drive and sheer bloody mindedness to keep with the programme; it's got to be you! Take care of yourself (oh, and read the labels)

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Just stick to doing what you do... just being Rig, getting through things, facing all that life hurls at you, and terrifying and inspiring me.

Sorry, Rig... like it or not... I am sending you a massive hug.

Floss x

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