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Tiring week2run2!!!

Just completed week2 run 2 and found it trickier than usual. Stopped running 10 seconds earlier on the last run and walked briskly as i was so tired but ready to try it again in a couple of days! Does it still count as a completed run? I think i found it more difficult as i stepped up the pace a bit this time which must have had an effect! Big drink afterwards though... (not the alcoholic kind might i add! Pure H2O for this girl!)

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Adam's Ale.... best drink out! Go you!

It does count... do not, please, on your next run, try to step up the pace... take each run gently... and just go with the flow :)

Take your resat day... do some other strength exercise too and then move on:)

This is your journey :) Enjoy it :)

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Thanks for the encouragement. I have been dping sone strengthening exercises (squats and a weird superman style thing!) To try and get my leg muscles stronger.looking forward to week 3! I will deffo take it a bit steadier on sunday for my last ine of this week and might repeat one of the w2 runs before moving on!

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