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Running - and Yoga! W8R2

I did my basic yoga stretches for runners yesterday. It turns out I was watching the wrong clip and this wasn't for beginners! Well not only do I need to get fitter but also more supple it seems. I attempted most of the stretches but left out the contortionist bits and was a tad worn out at the end.

Anyway my run today was so much better. No niggles or aches. It was still hard work but It was great not to have any discomfort, well except for the breathing and bright red face.

If only this excerise lark didn't take any effort .....

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I hoped that a virtual run forum meant I didn't actually have to do any running. turns out I was wrong too, glad your run 2 went well and the bendy yoga is helping. We love bright red, it's a good colour it's a runner's colour....

that red burgundy we promised is getting closer....

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Yes if you're not bright red, you're not trying hard enough - haha! Yes I am also looking forward to that glass or red - burgundy will do just fine. :)

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