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W1 R3 (and that means WEEK 1) is DONE

Just had a great waddle, even carried on walking at the end of the pod cast as I was enjoying myself so much.

I best get showered/eat, etc as I can hear work calling me (working from home today hence the slight lay in, normally start my waddle at around 6:10 - 6:15 but this morning was 7:10).

Week 2 Starts Monday, can't wait, for a fat guy of 22 stone I actually love getting on the treadmill and plodding away.

Thanks for the support to my first post

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Yay!! I thought week1 was the hardest. They are all challenging but I never really felt that I cracked week1. Onward and upward!!


Well done on achieving the hardest week. But do take care not to overdo it in your enthusiasm, the warmup down walks are designed to put you in the right physical condition. But can I say it's wonderful to read raw enthusiasm and joy in this post. Good luck for your second week.


Well done. Finishing the first week is a great high and there are more to come :)


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