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Mid point blues

Hi. I've lost three stones - still overweight though - and began C25K. I'm about to start week 5. I feel I've hit a bit of a plateau with my eating and exercise regime and would like to ask what others did to spur themselves on. I feel as though I'm obsessed with food and I'm often wanting to eat even when not hungry - and I'm just a bit fed up with it. I'm taking it slow with the running but I'm afraid my knees may go! Can anyone offer some advice?

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Morning Jenny, I first started C25K 18 months ago, but after a shock bereavement and a hospital stay I didn't get back to it. I did check into the forum a couple of times and on one of these visits back in March I read a post from someone just about to start and it inspired me to start again, so that night off i went. I tried to keep pace with the other member but had a three week holiday around week 5 and only ran twice, then had a back injury but still kept an eye on the forum watching Adler92 I restarted as soon as my back would allow and ran week 8 run 2 yesterday. Adler has probably finished haven't seen for a while but I am determined to get to the end. Keep checking in here most people who start have something that holds them up, motivation, injury, life whatever but it's life changing, you will feel better and are over half way through now don't give up on you because you are worth it. Find someone who is on the same week as you and use them as a marker if you are competitive - good luck


Jenny although I am very lucky not to have suffered like bounty has, I too found that by partnering up with a virtual running buddy helped no end. We followed each other and in fact send messages privately and do our own mini challenges. It's easy for me to let me down, but my running buddy no way. Also this programme as I understand it doesn't really impact on your weight until about mid /later weeks when the time and distances start ramping up. Other ideas, award yourself non food treats when you finish a week for example. Or one that I am using I am saving £1 per km towards new running kit at the end of W9. Actually it is a Euro a km, but same principle. You've made brilliant progress so far. Well done

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Thank you so much for this encouragement! Been out today - week 5 run 1. If it wasn't for Michael Thomas in my ear I might have not made it!


I started with C25K and have been running for nearly 3 years. I am lighter, fitter, healthier and more mentally focussed than I've ever been and more motivated. Think of the end game - how you will be in a few months if you continue running, think of the achievement - because it is just the beginning - running will change your life - running can give you a new life - in the words of one wonderful quote:

'It's never to late to be the person you might have been!'

So don't give up - just keep at it and you will win - running trains the mind as well as the body.

We can become obsessed with things so easily, food, drink, shopping, smoking, tv etc. and the answer is not to try and stop being obsessed but to find a new and less damaging obsession - and sometimes that can be as simple as taking up a hobby or another interest - and running is as good an interest as any - live it, breathe it and look forward to maybe getting a new running outfit or some other treat when you graduate - which you will. Stick at it... :)


A massive well done in loosing 3 stone that's an amazing achievement in its own right !!

Boredom eating is a demon for sure but you have obviously dealt with it somehow to loose all that weight 👍

Motivation may well hit in again week 5 onwards with those longer runs heading your way ...you are afterall halfway through the plan won't be long til 3x 30 mins are the normal for you 🏃🏼‍♀️

The knee issue is a familiar one and there's so much advice on here

Keep going your doing great !! 🏃🏼‍♀️


Motivation is a really tricky thing - and sometimes we don't want to do what we know is best for us, just because!

You have done really well to lose weight and C25K is the perfect way to get into exercise, no equipment needed (except of course running shoes and supportive underwear). Think of what you have achieved so far, congratulate yourself and perhaps have a period of consolidation. Instead of trying to lose more weight think about maintaining for a while until your enthusiasm returns. And if you need to repeat runs on C25K then do so. You only have to answer to yourself, be kind to yourself.

Do you have a parkrun in your area? I always find that attending parkrun, either as a volunteer or a runner is very motivating. All ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness are there and it's a very positive experience. Good luck with your future progress.


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