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Week 3, Run 2... Loved It

Evening All,

Well I am more than pleased to report that after a days rest my back is fine and as such I'm just back from my repeat of Week 3 Run 2 and I'm delighted to say, in complete contrast to Wednesday's attempt; which was a total nightmare, it was thoroughly enjoyed. In fact I even thought my phone had stopped at one point because I couldn't believe I'd finished as was ready to run again.

My enthusiasm for this programme has also encouraged a friend to start and she completed her first run with me tonight too.

Ha ha who would have thought that 3 weeks ago, me, recruiting for Couch to 5k :)

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Go you... that is wonderful! Getting someone else on this journey too... even better!

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go you!! well done and glad your back is feeling better. trust me i know your pain

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Well done and you're recruiting too, at this rate when you do Week 9 there could be about 20 of you running around with smiley happy faces. Good on you for overcoming the back pain and getting back happy...

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