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Week 2, Run 3 - the lovely snack van


Well that's week 2 done. Achievement unlocked! Legs fine, shins fine even my dodgy ankle is, well, fine.

I'm definitely going to have to alter my route a little though. Even in these early stages I'm having to turn around twice on my not-so-private road and double back before I get to the end of Laura's instructions. 

There's no other option, I'm going to have to go... beyond the road!

Looking at the map again. If I walk the full length of the access road - over the cattle grid I currently loop back at and up the steep bit - and start activities at the corner of the big reservoir by the lovely snack van, then it's a cool 5K all the way round and, with the cheat of a downhill finish, back to the road.

That's the ultimate goal then, a one none-stop lap!

It seems absolutely unthinkable. I walked around the reservoir once with a fried egg bap and a can of Tizer and it took all afternoon.

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Hee hee  your post made me laugh Steve... beyond the road...no!😄

Love that you are enjoying your running adventures....

Just nipping out to put a padlock on that snack van...

Good luck with week 3.

"I walked around the reservoir once with a fried egg bap and a can of Tizer " 

Most people take a dog...... -)

haha. dragging my fried egg butty on a lead. come on boy.


Tizer! I had forgotten about Tizer..

Go you.. to boldly go where no stevecramp has gone before:)

Sounds wonderful.. which reservoir?


haha great post! Look forward to your 'I ran all the way round the reservoir' post !


You made me laugh out loud. The image of fried egg butty and can of Tizer tickled me. I admire those of you running outside as I am a strictly indoor runner for now. Once graduated I intend to park run but for now no one else is allowed to see. Well done for going beyond the gate and who knows where you'll end up next x

stevecramp in reply to TheHack

I'm strictly an indoors person but loving 'the outside' I saw some kind of cuckoo* the other day, stopped mid plod to take it in.

*could've been a pigeon

Haha! Funny. I could demolish a fried egg bap now......... 

Same here. drool. Time for tea I think


Huzzah ! Well done Steve ! :-) 

Fried egg sarnies in a lovely fresh breadcake - Top notch ! :-) xxx

stevecramp in reply to poppypug

Thanks poppypug. I'm actually looking forward to Monday and week 3! It's all going so well

poppypugGraduate in reply to stevecramp

So are we Steve, so are we ...... :-D xxx

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