Something strange is going on

Something strange is going on

Just completed week 5 run 1. I know this is likely to be a tough week and having been kicked off the couch by my other half I set off for the first run at snail's pace. (Grandma snail with zimmer frame).

I'm snailing along, looking around at the local park at dusk and suddenly realise... I'm smiling! Not grimacing for breath or wincing because I'm counting down the seconds until Laura tells me to stop, but actually smiling - even grinning!

Not only that but as I approached run 3 of the session (final 5 min run), I realised that I wasn't totally exhausted and dreading this section, I actually felt that I could probably make it to the end of the 5min without too much strain.

In fact, I got to 4 mins and thought to myself "I'm doing ok here." so I picked up the pace to almost something which might be described by a passer by as a 'jog', not a grandma snail with a zimmer, but an actual jog for a whole minute!

Week 5 session 3, I'm coming for you!


Oh and I definitely noticed a trendy 20 something male checking out my shoes (perhaps it was disdain or ridicule on his face but I'm totally taking it as a complementary double-take!)


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7 Replies

  • Yay! Well done you. Let's hear it for us snails!! Love the shoes btw 💪🏼🏃🏼‍♀️👟

  • Yeay..let us hear it for the snails indeed!!!

  • Well done smiling wait until you look like a cheshire cat and cackling with laughter as you run!! The shoes are snazzy!!!

  • Excuse me.. what is wrong with a Grandma Snail? We rock!!! :)

    Well done you...snail's pace is the only gets us there injury free and having had a blast on the way!

    Very well done you, for the run and finding that happy place... :)

    " By perseverance, the snail reached the ark" :)


    Love the snazzy laces!!!

  • He was loving the shoes and loving the pace. Knock em dead next time out

  • Hmmm running...and smiling...😄

    You are doing brilliantly kittentamer.

    You can do this..your confidence is growing and the results are fantastic.

    Take that positive attitude on your next run and you will smash it.😊x

  • Thanks. Scary thing is, each time I finish a session I'm starting to look forward to my next one!

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