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Knee pain at week 3

The day after week 3 run 1 I had a bit of discomfort in both knees. Run 2 made it worse. I took 4 days rest before attempting run 3. I finished it feeling pleased with myself but the next morning it was worse still. Long story short. 2 weeks rest, gait analasys and proper running shoes later I attempted week 3 run again. The difference is huge. I finished the run, it was hard and I put that down to the 2 week gap. My knees are almost pain free. My plan is to repeat week 3 as a build up to week 4 but if the pain returns I'll see my GP

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Good news MP46..😊 lets hope your knee problem is behind you..but you're right to keep a check on it...

Onwards and upwards..


Have you thought about some exercises to strengthen the muscles around your knees? You could do these on rest days....


Good plan...keep a check on things and take it steady and slow..hope it all stays settled for you :)


As my super fit Dutch running friend always says that your feet are your foundation, so your trainers need to work with you. Well done starting again and carrying on where you left off


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