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I am absolutely gutted. I was one Run 2 on Week 5 when I had the most awful pain in my hip. (I suffer with hip/back pain anyway due to a car accident about 6 years back.) I shuffled through the rest of my run, left it a couple days and went back out to try and do it again and I just couldn’t, my fitness was there but the pain was too much. It’s now been two weeks and I haven’t gone out once. I don’t know whether I’m scared of the injury or I have just lost all momentum to get back out there. I had scheduled my runs so that my final run was on my birthday ( in 3 weeks’ time.) I know I will have to go back a week and so my little birthday present to myself will have to come late. With my holiday next Friday I really really want to get back into it for this last week and a half. I could fit 6 runs in between now and then If I could just get out that door !

Has anyone else had this problem ?

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Real pain, ( not just the normal aches and pains of the new running weeks) should never be ignored...maybe get it checked out.. there are exercises, but if this is a residual injury it may be a good idea to have it checked by your GP?

It is horrid.. I have just had the slowest run/walk ever, as I am just off the IC and under strict instructions from my Physiotherapist about how to start back :)

You will come back to it, and other exercises for upper body and your good side can be done!

Keep us posted please? x


I love late Birthday presents anyway!


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