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Running is fun?!

I just got back from my Week 2 Run 3 and it was the first one I actually enjoyed! It wasn't just that I didn't hate it like the previous one, but I really found it fun and was a little sad each time I had to stop running! It was also the first run I've done in the rain, so maybe that played a part? (I also might have had a couple of glasses of wine earlier - though don't know if that would have helped!)

I've been running this loop around a lake that I think I've just started to get the hang of - right as I'm about to move away for a new job! Always the way, eh? But I'm excited for my next run on Wednesday in a new place with a new route!

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Hi Vicky, Feel the same, I'm on week 2 as well and it's crazy; I'm so shocked to be enjoying this. Long may it last for both of us. Not sure I could run with a couple of glasses of wine in me though...I'd probably end up in the lake lol. Good luck with the rest of the program :)


Hi Vicky, I've just done run 2 week 2, I thought it was harder than the first run on week 2, I'm hoping I start to enjoy it as much as you soon, keep posting as you progress.


That's how I felt about W2R2. How did R3 go? I will be heading out today with trepidation as Thursday felt hard. But....still got off my backside and did it. Want to be able to keep up with my kids (12 &10) on holiday!!


Running IS fun.

Who knew?


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