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Good luck


I gave up the c25k program because it's not for me. I'm already very fit in other disciplines and just wanted to add running to my repertoire.

But it's clearly right for many. And I mistakenly assumed that as my goals were closely aligned to those on c25k, and I'm constantly been told runners are friendly and supportive, that I'd still be able to share experiences on here. The mistake I made was in thinking that c25k was merely a tool, when clearly for some it is more akin to a religion, and it seems if you're not part of that religion, you're not part of the community.

So with that, I wish you all the very best of luck.

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Sorry to hear you're off Mr D. I thought we were all getting along fine 😧🤔


As we have said before, sorry to see you go. I assume you are prompted to do this by the responses to your answer to Rach 808, which disagreed with you to an extent. You state that you have been criticised........I can't find that in my reading of the post.

You bring a useful perspective to the forum, which I appreciate, but if you make negative comments about something that has transformed so many people's lives you are bound to get a reaction. That is very basic psychology. Yes, it borders on religious at times, but all the responses in that thread were well within the bounds of reason.

People like me started this plan because they cannot afford gym memberships or Personal Trainers. This is something that people starting from a huge range of physical fitness can achieve and we try our best to support and guide people, safely through. The NHS plan has many flaws but it has also been hugely successful in increasing activity for many without offputting technicalities. Have a look at the reasoning behind the original concept and you will see that simplicicty was paramount.

We do have frank exchanges on here and we try to foster an ethos of constructive criticism and support. You could still add to that.

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I see enthusiasm, joy, happiness, people who maybe for the first time in forever feel they have achieved something, I see friendship, generosity of spirit, open hearted advice and support...I could go on.

I have, in the year or so I've been on here and out of the thousands of posts only seen one that was, by any objective standard, obnoxiously trumpeting a 'Cause' that had nothing to do with Running, and only one other Post that I thought let the person who made it seem unlikable.

If we were a 'Religion' I think we would be an AMAZING one. :)

But, as always - people can have differing views and perceptions, and mostly nothing wrong with that, Sorry we did not suit your search for whatever and best wishes that you find it.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Irish-John

Looks like Mr D has left us, John.

You can't win 'em all.

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Well, to be perfectly honest Tim - he never did seem happy here. I think we all struggle with 'perfectionism' sometimes but some more than others. honeslty - I am just amazed we get so few here that stomp on the ground in frustration, says a lot about who runners are :)

Bye Felicia.


Mr D actually left weeks ago when he decided the programme didnt do what he wanted and he could do it better himself. Thats fine.

Luckily the programme does what thousands of others want and need.

In my experience this forum is open, honest and fully inclusive. There will always be some however who wish not to participate or only participate providing it is their rules everyone else follows.

So be it.


Bit disturbed by this but I get what you are saying. I will miss you. Other aspects I think add to the discussion. The aim is to be healthier. We are all different (thankfully).


Aw it's a pity though 🙁 I don't like to think we are cliquey. I don't think we are but it makes me uncomfortable if someone leaves cos they perceive us to be

Although I am guilty as charged over his religion remark. I am a disciple of the programme ,followed it religiously and continue to pay homage to Laura. I make no apologies for that 😁

runlikeagirlGraduate in reply to misswobble

Saint Laura 😇🙏🙏


I wasn't going to pass comment as the poster has left but I am sorry that he won't be posting and think he was an interesting and informative addition. I've seen a few posts by him which indicated that the programme wasn't for him but he said he wanted to continue to contribute to the forum which seemed quite generous of him... however his disenchantment with the programme meant he felt the need to keep criticising it and this was bound to draw some defensive remarks and as people didnt particularly agree with his view he's chosen to leave in a rather dramatic manner. In summary I think really he has 'dis'included himself, rather than been made to feel unwelcome or that there is a clique. The majority of people are friendly, inclusive and supportive and willing to listen to alternative views.

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