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Week 7

Well I'm back from Cornwall , and how many times did I run you may ask ?? The answer would be a big fat 0 !!! Excuses aside I had a great time did cycle the camel trail 22 miles so I did do some thing .

Any who , back to real life and I'm straight back on it did w7 run1 yesterday and felt great when I did it , now I know it's a big no no but I did another run today . I felt it in my legs by the end it was as if they were filled with concrete, I needed to do it before my first 5k on Sunday (race for life) . I'm going again on Friday so the legs should have recovered by then .

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I'm off to Cornwall next week too. I've only just started week 1 so will need to do at least a couple of runs to keep on track.

I am going with the best intentions and have in my mind running on beautiful beaches but I just know it's not gonna be like that.

Kids, holiday and just having fun will surely get in the way.


Well done for getting back into the running routine; everyone is allowed to have a holiday!

Just take it easy with the consecutive running days. You'll. be no good to anyone injured 🤕


I know and I wouldn't normally do two days , I always take my rest days . It was supposed to be a brisk walk but as I left the house I just thought let's just do it .

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