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One step forward!

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And two steps back !!

Just come back from seeing the physio and appears I have a Bursar in my left knee, which is why it's painful when you bend my knee. Apparently I can run but I'll have to put an ice pack on when I've finished.

Why does this happen ! First it was my mental brick wall now it's my flip pen knee !! 😑

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Hi, I can feel your pain. I had completed 5 runs and was feeling great apart from a pain in my knee. I have seen physio who has told me I need to strengthen my muscles as I have hypermobility in my knee's but my muscles are weak and give little support. So she says to try run 6 and see how I go, but since Monday I have had a tummy bug so still haven't done run 6 :(

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It's rubbish isn't it ?

At least these are little set backs for us

What doesn't kill us makes up stronger

Hope your feeling better very soon xx

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Thanks. I have just had some lunch so I am hoping that all stays where it should and if all is well, I am going to go out when I finish work around 3:30 in the time before I pick the kids up. I am expecting it to rain up here by then and cool the air down. I am worried that if I leave it too long, I may have to go right back to the start, I did my last run a week ago now. I think if I do W2R3 tonight, I may be better repeating it again on Friday then starting week 3 next Monday. I may be slightly OCD here but the idea of starting week 3 on a Friday doesn't sit right :) I like the plan I had of Monday, Wednesday & Friday, weekends off and the new weeks beginning again on the Monday.

I hope you feel better soon too xx


I got up to W5 R1 then bang I hit the wall ! Mentally I just couldn't do it ! So I didn't run for a few weeks

I started again last week and started from the beginning but was surprised at how easy I found W1R1 so the next run I did I ran W3 R1 and it was great

If I don't complete a run or I stop short on one the runs then I repeat the whole run next time and won't let myself progress until I've done it properly!

I like to run in the mornings

I just run every other day so I can get through a week run quicker, maybe that where I'm going wrong ? Not giving myself enough rest ? Mmmmm something to think about !

In my head I'm still 16 but in reality I'm 51 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Maybe you should be kind to yourself and have the extra day off. I must admit that I feel great at the weekend when I have done the runs in the week. I can focus on the kids and having fun and still been getting my 10,000 steps in. I have a sedentary job so the weekdays I was barely getting to 5k steps. It is amazing that on the days I run, I am getting to 10k steps and feeling much better for it. So I do treat myself to weekends off running.

Saying that, I am doing a virtual 5km for charity in August and I am going to go and do the Park Run on the Saturday am. As my C25k is nowhere near that point yet I am adding that in as an extra run.

Sounds to me like you've been doing amazing. Hopefully this won't hold you back too much x

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Thank you so much x

I think you have some good advice there

Good luck with your 5k ! What an amazing achievement x

MrsT82 in reply to Hidden

It will be if I manage it, I'm doing it for Millie's Trust charity.

I did my run earlier and I got through all the 90s runs without stopping. Felt like I was barely getting my feet off the ground though with my knees. But I did it and I'm proud. Repeat this run again Friday then week 3 next Monday hopefully.


😑 take care of yourself!


Sorry to hear this Jam123, how frustrating just when you're getting back in the game.

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It is frustrating

I've been told i can run but I don't want aggravate further so

I think I'll rest and start AGAIN 😑


I think resting your knee is probably the best thing to do. Hopefully it won't be too long before you're fully recovered. Please don't give up - it is so worth it! When you do come back just take your time and don't try to go too fast - you shouldn't feel that you have to accelerate through the programme to make up for lost time. I agree with what MrsT82 said - you shouldn't be running more than three times a week. I too usually run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and take the weekend off. You have had a few setbacks but you CAN do this. Good luck!

Hi jam123,

Just been reading your post about your knee a few days age and wondered how things are now...

Have you tried a light joggette yet..

Hope ton hear you are back with us soon. 😊x

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