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Hi, better late than never!


Hi, I thought I'd come over and see what's going on. I've never visited this forum before and it's a bit late in the journey but I'm here now.

I've just completed run 2 of week 7 and have really enjoyed following the Couch to 5K app. I never through I'd be able to run for more than about 15 minutes but doing 25 and feeling quite smug.

I feel like I'll be able to do the 30 mins run by the end but wish to increase my pace to ensure I get the 5K in 30 minutes. Welcome any tips to do this.


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That's fantastic ... according to a lot Of people on here many do not manage 5k in thirty minutes although this is something I would like to achieve . I did run 1 of week 7 this evening and managed 5.2k in 38 mins but that was with my 10 min cool down and warm up and also a 3 min walk in between the 20'min run and 5 min run . I am taking it slow but fingers crossed I will Achieve the 5k in 30 once I build up my stamina x

Thanks Karina, pretty sure if we keep going we will get there. I'm tempted to only switch on my map my run app when I've completed the 5 minute warm up and see what my distance is then x

DpslGraduate in reply to Tangoqueen

You can set MapMyRun to delay the start of the workout, although unfortunately you can't tell it to stop just before your cool-down walk. (I've also just discovered that MapMyRun is autocorrected when you type it all in lowercase with no spaces! Does that always happen or just in running contexts?!)

Hi and welcome to our friendly supportive forum. Well done for getting to W7.

Don't worry about 5k till you've completed the programme. It's a good idea to consolidate running for 30 mins for a few runs and then you could have a go at the 5k+ podcasts.

Also, what about having a go at your local Parkrun, you don't have to be able to run 5k, lots of people run/walk so you definitely won't be last. You might even surprise yourself. Give it go.

Good luck and happy running!

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