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Been to see physio today

Hi all, I posted last week about having knee pain. I was on week 2 and had done run 2 at a struggle. I listened to the advice I was given here and I rested, I didn't do run 3 which I should have done Friday. So, the lovely physio said that I have hypermobility in some of my joints including my knee's, and yet the muscles from my Glutes downwards are quite weak after years of not much in terms of exercise (I do try and walk as much as I can). So the muscles aren't supporting my knee joints which is causing the pain. I have been given strengthening exercises and see her again in 2 weeks.

She also said that I stand in my instep so my knee's bend inwards. I know that my running shoes have an instep support but I am going to go back and have my gait checked again this weekend to see if I maybe need some new ones.

As for the C25k, I am going to do my week 2 run 3 tonight and see how it goes, it may be that I do week 2 for this week and start week 3 next Monday, or, if it goes well tonight, I can move on to week 3 run 1 on Wednesday. So that would be just 1 session behind rather than a full week. But I am going to listen to my body. :)

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That is all useful information from the physio and you were wise to consult.

Running is so much more than just moving your legs..............it teaches us so much about our bodies.


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