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First Park Run :)


I graduated C25k the 1st July and like many i did not know where to go from that, i have joined my local running club and last Thursday we ran just over 6km, i was a bit worried about the distance but it was friendly and social so no timing, then on Saturday i did my first park run and completed it in 36 mins 3 sec, i do believe it was faster but as there were 360 ish runners you do not get to an accurate time as you have to wait to start running until all the fast front runners go first. I am happy with that time and hope to go to as many park runs as possible and improve my time but it is not the be all and end all :) Our running club also do a Sunday Trail which i would like to try out too

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Well done. It's good to get a first PB time so as you can have something to aim for as a finish time. It is great to have found a friendly and welcoming running club, it is a good way to keep motivated. I joined a running club too and have had the same experience as you. Enjoy.

Well done you!

I've just completed week 5 which culminates in the first non-stop 20 minute run which honestly nearly killed me I swear (I could barely walk when the 20 mins was up, my legs were so shot) but I so, so, SO look forward to when I am at the point where I can do a park run! And when I can (please note when, not if!!), for the first time in my life I will be proud of myself. Meanwhile, be proud of your self. :-)

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