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Running shoes

Hi I have just finished Week 4 and still full of enthusiasm for the next four weeks. I bought new running shoes and they seem ok for what I'm doing now but I'm wondering if I should invest more in a 'better' air . TBHim not sure what a better is and what improvements it will make to my progress. I bought mine from Sports Direct(other shoes are available) and used the machine to see if I had high or low arches . Is a £100 pair better than a £30 pair? Thanks

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Personally, I would avoid using Sports Direct to check your gait. Go to a specialist running/triathlon shop. The price of running shoes is not a good indicator of how good they are for you.

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Sports Direct are great value and I have bought a couple of pairs of Karrimor Trail shoes, which are comfortable but not very durable. Both of these were trail shoes, which do not require gait analysis. Their main problem, in my opinion borne from experience, is that you are as likely to know more about running and running shoes than the staff do. The training is poor.

A gait analysis at a specialist running shop, where they video you running on a treadmill and suggest the most appropriate shoes for your running style, is definitely worth doing. The best shoes will not be the most expensive necessarily, but the ones that fit and support appropriately and expert advice is invaluable to help you through the bewildering range of possibilities.


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