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Rest days?


Hello everyone, I done w2r2 last night and it was surprisingly easy! My recovery was super fast and my heart rate didn't go above 168 where as it was 180 last week!

How far apart do you all recommend taking rest days? Also if I had a rest day Thursday would today be too soon for another?

Family commitments mean today isn't the most convenient to be running but I don't want to back peddle and loose what I've achieved?

I fully intend to be in the gym when it first opens in the morning for w2r3!

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Run one day, followed by at least one rest day.


Rest day.. at least one before each run...essential if we want to stay on track and avoid injury..:)

I run Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.. taking two, Wed and Thurs.. ( commitments) Taking an extra rest day if needed is fine..missing one is a no-go :)


I ran every other day through the programme. You need at least one rest day to recover - at the beginning. Later you can start experimenting!


When you run your muscles suffer micro tears. These repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running. So, as a new runner, always take at least one rest day after a run, more if you need.

You can cross train on those rest days, just avoid any impact exercise.


I always have one rest day, sometimes 2. I usually ran Mon/Wed/Fri giving me 2 days off over the weekend and, in the early weeks, I found that very helpful, the Monday runs were usually easier after 2 days off!

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