I really should remember rest days

I ran today and went back a bit (can't remember the day but it went 8r 5w 8r). I did this as I was feeling a little achey and really on a low ebb. I put this down to my Hypothyroidism and just being low on energy and having the associated muscle and joint aches...

...right up until I went to record the distance in my log and realised I'd ran 5 out of the last 6 days with three being progress runs and all that preceded by a week on holiday with a lot of hiking, the moral of the story is to pay attention and make sure to have those rest days, now where did I leave that Hagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake!! :D

W7D1 next so I definitely need to bank some energy and let the muscles repair.


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6 Replies

  • That would be week 5 Run 2 ( 8-5-8). I think that's well over the top , and I don't like sticking to the plan either. 5 runs in 6 days, although I see 3 were 'progress runs', if you were very fit to begin with from running or hiking maybe, and I guess it depends on what you know you can do and your experience. You are just risking damaging yourself if you are a newbie, I took a lot of chances and was lucky not to get injured so far. At week 7 (I'm still on it) I was glad that I had learned not to run consecutive days. I did it early on and my legs were in agony. Week 7 will teach you to take days off!

  • I'm usually very good at taking time off and doing rest days as I'm also doing this around thyroid, l4/5 disk prolapse and a fracture in. t10 so I'm usually good at caution 😊 This week I totally lost track and for some reason thought I'd only run two days... one of the symptoms of the hypothyroid is brain fog so I'm blaming that 😁

  • Take your rest days, allow the repair of the body.

    Consecutive runs are a sure way to the injury couch. With your condition it sounds even more important you follow the plan 'as is'. It might not be today or tomorrow you feel the injury. You might get away with it. But it will very likely catch up ultimately if you continue and then you may not be able to run for weeks😩

    Only you can decide, but maybe check your log before ypu plan a run?

  • Cliff, great enthusiasm, but beware of overdoing it. We have had a few people missing rest days, which is foolish as a new runner, because that is when your body repairs and strengthens itself, not while you are actually running.

    I racked my brains to remember the name of the runner who posted this sad story healthunlocked.com/couchto5.... Please take it as a warning.

  • Think thats the 10K2Couch program.

  • I think it is overdoing it at any point in your running career!!!

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