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Bye bye gremlins

W7r2 done and dusted! I think I've been suffering from the work of gremlins since Monday's run. I had an aching leg, thought I'd got a bug from my children, worrying that I would injure myself and generally feeling low and anxious. So this morning I told myself that I would run. I also told myself that that if my leg ached or if I felt under par I would be sensible and stop, so excuses squashed I started. The first half was hard work, but I felt ok so no excuse to stop, then I started to feel much better! The feeling of being much better progressed into a feeling of elation and positivity (is there such a word?) I ran an extra minute to prove to myself that the gremlins are just in the mind and don't really exist and that I enjoy running and the the feeling of exhilaration and satisfaction after having completed another step!

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Well done! Most mornings I tell myself well if I start I can always take a shorter route but I haven't done it yet!! I think starting is the hardest bit and whatever we have to tell ourselves to get out is great as once we are out - the world is our oyster!!!


Yes, the starting is the hard part. In future I think I will just stop thinking about doing it and just do it!


Sounds very similar to my last run (W8R2). Felt good until about 6 minutes, wanted to go home at 9 mins then really wanted to go home at 12. Things started to pick up by about 16 then felt great at about 20. Plugged on to 28, felt like I could keep going so I did! Best run I've ever had and the furthest and longest. Getting the first 10 minutes out of the way is the trick!


I will think of you when I do w8 next week! I'm sure I can do it if I can keep a positive mind.


Positivity? You betcha it's a word. Well done on persevering, jasyrolo .


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