Vodka, Whiplash and Meeting my Twin

Another scorchio morning arose and my data invitation arrived in my message box, so I joined Mr Smooth for our usual circuit.

First stop to the fridge to get the cold water in the water bottle. I was a little dopey this morning, so absent mindedly picked up the bottle with tomato vodka in it. I did do a second take when I saw the water was slightly pink in the bottle. Really good job I’m not colour blind. Not sure any nutritionist would recommend vodka in your hydration pack.

Out into the glorious countryside – one of the joys of living here is you see so many different animals from cute green lizards, to chocolate brown squirrels and more. One of the flying insects here is a small bright green shield shaped flying object, that we call an APC – armoured personnel carrier. There was me happily minding my own business and then bam an APC flew right into my cheek, at first I thought it was a wasp, but then realised no stings. Anyway he got the whiplash and fell to the ground. But with all his armour, he managed to right himself and went on his way. No harm done.

I saw Mr & Mrs Physio on their circuit and we did our traditional greetings, no Mr 118 or Heinz 57 walker though. Me and Mr Smooth were in the groove and I was delighted that on my last run, although I was tired I still had some life left in me, so I thought I’d do an extra minute running and then what did I see in the distance?

My running twin – well we were both wearing dayglo orange tops, black shorts, white socks and blue trainers. His legs marginally hairier than mine. I decided against trying to catch him up, because clearly he is doing the Couch to 250 miles an hour challenge and frankly it was beyond me.

Looking forward with some trepidation to Week 4 starting. And my face colour this morning after the final week 3 run was definitely Dulux’s Salsa Red.


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11 Replies

  • Brilliant title! Have to admit to a little jealousy (not only because of the vodka)😉

    Your run sounds wonderful. Where abouts are you? And you had something left in the tank at the end. Look out week 4, she's coming to get you!

    Lizards and squirrels sound like the perfect backdrop and salsa red (along with boiled tomato and perfect puce) are favoured by many of us😂

  • A little known Region called Le Marché. Italy is a leg, think upper thigh on the right - Tuscany being on the left. The Dulux colour chart is changing my life, one colour swatch at a time. Clearly salsa red isn't healthy, but in time I will get to Sorbet....;)

  • Salsa that progress, Jan? I don't have my colour chart handy.

  • Well - I am thinking that its different shades of exhaustion. When its hotter I go more burgundy blush aka the Monarch shade. Today was all of about 2 degrees cooler, so I reckon it's not better just different. I shall make sure though that I give definite hints as to better or worse .... Ciao for now

  • Ha, wonder what colour face your twin had at the end of his run..😠😄

    Well done Jan.x

  • I am thinking cucumber green....

  • Cant wait until I am always caramel cream :(

  • Me neither I am waiting for the day when I come back and resemble a human being, rather than some sweaty roadkill! But the Dulux colour charts are helping, my big colour match theory is that because the programme stretches you, inevitably each time you're puffed out and so your face colour doesn't change.... that's my theory, not sure it has any scientific merit though

  • Maybe running alters your eyesight. You have not changed but you perceive yourself as 'sunset over Naples' :)

  • Ah yes, except in this Region if I said I had anything to do with Naples, they'd excommunicate me. Our nearest coastal resort is either Fano or Pesaro. So we could try flaming Fano, or how about Peachy Pesaro?

  • Liking your style Jan can :)

    if this running gig doesn't work out we can try interior design

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