Xmas morning drivers

So went for a 5k run this morning, about 8:50. Lovely run a few youngsters out with dad on shiny new cycles, all nodding wishing each other a merry xmas. I have a couple of safety rules I have always followed since I started this running journey in April, the main one is when crossing roads or running along lanes where cars go is to take my earphones out so I can hear traffic etc. Had to cross the road at a set of pedestrian traffic lights across a very busy road this morning, the road was not busy today but still took my earphones out. The lights went red for the cars and Green for pedestrians to cross, I looked up as I heard a car travelling at speed towards the red light, my sixth sense told me he wasn't stopping so I decided not to cross, just as well as he did stop but right were I would have been crossing, brakes were slammed on last minute, I was so shocked as he was also on his mobile phone. I didn't think quick enough about getting his car registration number. Do people think they don't have to follow the rules on xmas day. Lucky to be sitting on the sofa telling the tale.


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12 Replies

  • A drunk driver maybe. Thank God for sixth sense. A lot of crazy drivers out there. Stay safe

  • Gosh...lucky escape... a lovely run spoiled by a very stupid person.

    I am taking note and will be extra careful crossing roads !

    Glad you are safe.:)

  • Well done for keeping safe on an early morning run!

  • Do you my hubster said the same thing yesterday. A few near misses with people driving way too fast. He wasn't out running I hasten to add (he doesn't "do" running. Lol) but was one of the sensible drivers out there & even he was worried.

    6th sense is a great thing!

    Glad you paid attention to yours.

  • Glad you're safe and were paying attention. My daughter, who is a fairly new driver, was a bit offended yesterday when I told her to be careful when she rang to say she was setting off to drive to m house. I told her it wasn't her driving I was worried about, but other people on Christmas morning - still hung over, or in a hurry to get somewhere, or on their phone like the idiot who could have hit you. So glad you're safe!

  • Glad you're ok Jenman , was that the Arreton crossing? People do fly along that rd

    It makes me mad when i see people in their mobiles whilst driving,but you still see it so much on iow😕we waited at a crossing at lake the other day complete with head torches on and still got ignored by 2 cars before 3rd stopped.

    Hope it didn't run your Christmas Day, bet you're glad of that 6th sense 😕😊x

  • Yes it was the Arreton crossing, shook me up a bit. but didn't ruin my Christmas day. It was nice to get out for a run before having a mad house of visitors. I just get angry at drivers not following the rules!

  • So glad you're safe. Sixth sense is a wonderful thing :)

  • Very pleased that you're ok, that's the main thing. I also adopt a policy of being over cautious when cars are involved and I'm running. Making sure you can hear the traffic properly is absolutely essential as you say.

  • Oh Jen, that must have really shook you up , Im glad youre okay xxx

  • People are so selfish. My daughters boyfriend is a copper in the Met and he picks up more drivers for using their phones than for other driving offences. And more minor bumps are caused by drivers on their phones than any other cause.

    You were very wise to stop when you did. Happy new year to you!

  • First all glad your safe xxx if it helps any its not just Christmas theyre idiots theyre idiots all year round - thanks to my 6th sense i have avoided such injury too.

    I run early, very early in the mornings and so drivers automatically think that theres no one around so they can drive like morons

    I was coming up to a junction the lights were on red so i saw the car which was slowing down - he saw me so i ran across the road - only to find he had no intention of stopping and emergency braked less than a foot away from me and if i hadnt jumped sideways he would have hit me - i turned around and glared at him and yelled an expletive with the words "the lights are on red that means expletive stop"

    The next one was again some idiot turning a corner doing way over the speed limit- i saw him and had to emergency brake myself i was pinwheeling my arms to save myself from going forward as he rounded the corner he suddenly saw me (i must have looked a sight a sweaty, red faced 5"9', bright blue top, arms flying everywhere) and the car swerved sideways just as i couldnt stop myself going forward anymore - again as he drove towards me there was a mobile involved

    Luckily it doesnt happen often but when it does theres always some idiot breaking the law - whether its on a mobile or jumping the lights.

    So be safe xxxx

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