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Week 9 Run 2 in pouring rain


I really struggled with W9R1 after a week off with a chest cold, but managed to finish. Last night was the second 30 minute run - and for the first time I was running in quite persistent rain.

I actually enjoyed it as didn't get too hot, and had a cap on to keep rain out of my eyes. The two main issues were avoiding deeper puddles and the hordes of snails that were out. In addition the pavements felt ever so slightly slippery underfoot and my clothes got super wet and almost sucked against me, clinging in a less than flattering way to bits of me that I prefer not to accentuate!

The first ten minutes were proper hard but then I found my rhythm and could even speed up slightly after that - this is the first long run where I have felt in proper control.

My plan is to do the graduation run on Thursday and do my first Park Run on Saturday. I'm planning to continue the week 9 podcasts for a while , running 3 times a week and try to build up to 5k from there. Not too worried about speed yet. And I'm really enjoying the send of achievement - I can vividly remember the trials of week one and two which seem so easy now - yet at the time was such a commitment

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I did week 9, run 2 this morning and had the similar issues with avoiding puddles and snails! Well done for getting this far! I am so excited about graduating!


Nearly there... yay. Good luck for Thursday 🍀 😉 😁.


Well done! You could treat yourself to a light weight hooded run rain resistant Run jacket as a graduation gift to yourself. they aren't expensive 🙂

There is another set of podcasts for graduates known as Stepping Stones, aka C25k+ They would be the logical next step

Great stuff Steved, will listen out for your whoop on Thursday😊..

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