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Patellar tendonitis


So I spoke to a physio on the phone from Bupa earlier today (one of the perks of the job, may as well use it).

I described the symptoms and he reckons it's the problem mentioned in the post title (I've no reason to doubt him, he made a couple of assertions that tally exactly with what hurts and in what scenario), so he's basically given me the advice of cooling it with ice/cool compression as often as I practically can, and also a list of quad/calf/knee strengthening exercises for me to pick and choose from and do twice a day.

He seems to think that by the weekend I may be able to run again, and has advised I start out by doing short 30 second runs mixed with some walking to ease myself back in to it and make sure my knee will hold up, before getting back on to the c25k programme

Here's hoping I can beat this quickly and get back on it. Very frustrating that as soon as I was thinking "I think I can do this", my knee responded with "what's going on?"

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Fingers crossed 🤞


Of course you can do it. You've got the diagnosis, the physio exercises to put it right, and the determination.


The knees do that... and other bits of the body and they get really nasty if we ignore them :)

Heal soon!


As flossy says, they get right awkward those muscles if we don't listen. So good that you spoke with BUPA.

Good luck Thecko..

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