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W2R2 on the funky treadmill


Well, today's plan to get out of bed at stupid o'clock to go for my run failed at the first hurdle when I forgot to set the alarm. Plan B was to hit the gym at lunchtime. Now, I hate treadmills with a passion (too boring for my liking, even with a telly to watch) but my gym has a curvy, self-powered treadmill which is more akin to 'proper' running (the effort required is certainly a lot more than a motorised treadmill) so I decided to use that. Takes a bit of getting used to and controlling your speed is a bit tricky, but you have to concentrate or else you lose your balance and rhythm, and for me that makes it more interesting and more enjoyable than a 'normal' treadmill. Hopefully it'll be back to the great outdoors on Thursday, but as an alternative when you can't get outside, the curvy treadmill is definitely a fun option.

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That looks scary! I struggle with balance on a normal treadmill let alone that well done for doing better than I can!

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Lulu_xx

Me too! I am a proper klutz and can barely manage one foot in front of the other. It looks good though, I have to say.

Not for me though. Great outdoors or nowt

Have fun on your next outside run!

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