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Treadmill or outdoors?


Are people using their treadmills or outdoors or a bit of both? Being a newbie and starting on a treadmill should I run with incline or without, to begin with ?

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Both/either. It doesn't matter as long as you run but it's much nicer in the big outdoors 🙂 You can set an incline of 1% but if that's too hard at the beginning then just forget it.

Good luck and enjoy.

Thank you x yes much better great outdoors I agree . Although To begin with.. :) since I'm such a newbie I'll start in my lounge room :)


I would always try and get outside as much as you can. Whilst running on treadmills have their place, they can be very boring and we don't want you to lose motivation!! cant beat the great outdoors :-)

With regards to incline, I have heard that its not really that important unless you are running quiet fast as the incline simulates the wind resistance you would "feel" at fast speeds. Most of us mortals (me included) don't have this worry :-)

Thank you Andy :)

I do a bit of both - if it's peeing down with rain (as it was last night), I use the treadmill and run mostly on the flat but occasionally increase the incline. How you run (flat/incline) is completely up to you and how your body feels - there is no right way or wrong way but I guess one could say it's probably a little more sensible to do at least some of it on an incline (low) so that when you do run outside, which I'm guessing is not all flat where you are, your body is prepared for it. I would say, go with what your body tells you at this stage and, most importantly of all, ENJOY IT!! I'm about to graduate (2 runs left, wooohooo!) and I cannot wait - and cannot believe that I've nearly done it - I'm overweight and never thought I'd reach this stage but I'm so proud of myself - and I'm no youngster anymore sadly! Have fun and keep us all posted with your progress - they're a fantastic bunch of people on here who will all help you along the way to achieving your goal, whatever that goal is x

That is so awesome Tori. Well done. It's not easy and you've come so far. So you should be proud! Very inspiring!, will keep you posted x

toria36 in reply to Monte_08

Oh bless you Monte-08 - thanks for such a sweet reply, I'm gushing here!!! I hope you really do enjoy it - I'm sure most folk on here jog far faster than me but I know that at this stage it's about building up stamina and after that you can build up speed and distance. I'm doing the Race 4 Life again this year and want to be able to jog the entire route (5k) so that was my main reason for trying this whole jogging malarky again - that and of course for my health/weight loss. Enjoy and do keep us posted x

Monte_08 in reply to toria36

:) I meant what I wrote because I know how difficult it can be. I need to lose weight and bring my cholesterol down.. and I constantly lose motivation or get bored so quickly but then I hear these real life stories and it's wonderfully inspiring and makes me believe I can do it . You will get there with that kind of positive spirit.. And I hope to also x all the best Chicky. I will keep you posted :)

toria36 in reply to Monte_08

... and thanks for calling me Chicky - love it :-)


I graduated on a treadmill. Weight and serious lack of balance meant I had no confidence at all to go outside. Having recently done lots of walking outside I'm slowly getting confidence up to get out there. Starting slow and redoing some early weeks to get a feel for ground underneath me.

There is no right or wrong so long as you're doing it. Do what feels right for you and good luck!

Monte_08 in reply to Carolinemcd

Thank you. Yes I'm the same. I don't feel confident getting out there as I'm not fit and am overweight . I'm also new to running so Id rather do it at home to start with. :) small steps... You're right.. As long as I'm doing something!

A treadmill is si biring, get outside. The changing scenery is a great distraction

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