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I had a gym induction tonight and decided to do my W2R2 on it. I seemed to be running slower with out my muscles singing at me.

How do people feel about treadmills? I did miss the elements of the weather and feel I push myself more when I am on the track. 🧐

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It is down to personal taste & entirely your choice.

I have had one go on a treadmill & promptly decided that I would either die of boredom or falling off the wretched thing! 😄

Scouser67Graduate in reply to Elfe5

I think I like the track and feeling the fresh air. Plus I’m usually on my own which I like. 😀

I tend to do a mixture of park and treadmill at the gym. I think with park running you see the distance you go which you don’t on a treadmill.


I’ve used treadmills in the past when they’ve been available and (for whatever reason) more appealing than outdoors. But mostly I’m an outdoors runner. Treadmill running is definitely far better than no running though!

Scouser67Graduate in reply to RainbowC

Thanks RainbowC that is a very good point.


I have only run on a treadmill as I’m not brave enough to be seen outdoors.....yet! Maybe when the weather is better and the evenings are a little lighter.

FlickM3Graduate in reply to Ermintrude63

That's really intersting - I began my c25k journey after dark through self consciousness, especially in the early weeks when I sounded like Thomas Tank Engine. Now I know that runners are invisible, and when people do notice you, they either say hello or apologise for being slower and getting in your way.


I got one for Christmas, just for emergencies - we've been snowed in twice this winter, and the pavements here are often more slippery with ice and frost than I would consider safe for running. I hate it though. It's boring, and I can't run as fast and my legs always hurt after. I also sweat a lot, which I don't do outside, and despite being slower, for some reason my heart is in the red zone for most of the time. I don't know if i would fare better on the larger treadmill in the gym. Give me the outside any time, even when it's below zero, unless it's too dangerous to run.


So many posts on this:) We all have our preferences... for some, there is no choice and the indoor running is the only thing available:)

I love outdoors, but use my elliptical trainer for days when it is icy or after injury... the outdoor and all that is in it, is a huge part of my reason for running... but a run means different things for different folks. All valid!


DREADMILLS.....................running is running.

FlickM3Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Dreadmill are boring, though, if you're like me and don't run to music.


I love treadmills, I find them very meditative and did my whole programme on them. Being able to measure and alter your conditions (speed and gradient) gives you a better idea of how you are progressing, though of course there will always be some conditions outside of your control such as just generally how your body is doing that day.

The general consensus is to pop them on at least 1% to mimic the air resistance you get from outside. Of course, this will not replicate the cool breeze on your face, so you will get a lot warmer on them than you would do outdoors. Sleeveless tops and treadmills near the aircon vents are recommended.

I like the repetition as it gives me a chance to decompress and think about my day, but to it's not for everyone, so to counteract boredom, queue up some good tunes or podcasts.

When I am really struggling for motivation, I look out for my gym rival. A lady who I'm sure is perfectly lovely, but in my mind is my enemy and I must beat her by lasting longer.

At the end of the day, while they are different to running outside, they are still running. People have a number of reasons they choose to use them, from anxiety to weather conditions and safety. But the main reason people choose to use them is that they allow you to, despite everything, still run. It is still running. Don't let anyone put you off them if they are sometimes (or even all the time) the only option for you, especially don't let yourself do that.

Happy running.

Scouser67Graduate in reply to VictoriaRuns

DYR21 I used the treadmill last night just to see how it compares with outside running. We had a bit of snow last night and went to the track this morning to see what condition it was like. If it had been bad I probably would have used the treadmill. I’ve just completed W2R3 and it felt a lot better than Wednesday’s run.

VictoriaRunsGraduate in reply to Scouser67

Good! It really is amazing how much you sometimes you improve between just a single run. This is a great programme. Are you enjoying it so far?

Scouser67Graduate in reply to VictoriaRuns

I really am. As I go through the programme I am enjoying it more. I wanted to challenge myself and I am so glad that I decided on running. It gets me out the house and it’s going to help my health and mental wellbeing. I feel I have achieved something after a run.

VictoriaRunsGraduate in reply to Scouser67

That's because you have! Keep us all in the loop. We love hearing about all the peaks and troughs of people's journeys.

Scouser67Graduate in reply to VictoriaRuns

I love reading the posts and getting other people’s perspectives on running. If I need advice I know I can get from fellow runners. 😀

FlickM3Graduate in reply to VictoriaRuns

That's a very good point though the zen experience eludes me as my dreadmill is small and basic with no gradient adjustment. If I went into a meditative state, I would sail over the side or off the end. Mine really is an instrument of torture fit only for impossible weather days. My only experience of a full size one was having my gait tested, and I must admit it was an easier experience.

I run mostly on a treadmill with the occasional outdoor run. Mostly because I don’t always want my own thoughts to accompany me and at the gym I can stick a show on Netflix and have that distract me. I would like to parkrun at some point though so fingers crossed once I graduate and start consolidation I’ll try to get outdoors more often.

VictoriaRunsGraduate in reply to Hephz89

I tried this once, but found the looking down at my screen affected my posture too much. Would be great to be able to ping to one of the big screens above and in front though!

Scouser67Graduate in reply to Hephz89

Hephz89 have you thought of listening to music whilst running. When I run my thoughts disappear as I concentrate on my breathing. I use the app when I am on my own.

Reading the original post I would point out that in W2, or at any point in the programme you should not be worrying about whether you are going slower and should definitely not be pushing yourself.

You are building stamina and that can be done anywhere.

Scouser67Graduate in reply to Rignold

Thank you for the advice. I’m going at a steady pace as I don’t want to burn out too soon.

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