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So I'm at work thinking yeah I'll start doing the couch to 5k today (as I was at Yoga last night) and I'm now looking at the horrible weather and I just cant find the will power to even consider starting. How do you guys do it.

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One foot at a time :D... oh and with tactical use of a treadmill when its really miserable or I can't get out. Joking aside I quite like running outside even in the rain, once I get moving... Hot bath and a mug of tea (or a gin) at the other end help.

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You ask us to give you a shove.. and then you just get out there...once you are wet.. you are wet...

Think how absolutely pleased you will be... a slow and steady run..then shower and basking in self-satisfaction.... I am on the IC at the moment and it is driving me nutty!!!

Get out there ! :)


You will be so glad you did!!!

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Before I started, I would be at work thinking - when I get home... Then life kicks in and it is bedtime before you know it.

Try this - set your alarm clock 45 minuts earlier, put your running kit out last thing at night (did you get a sports bra?) put it on as you head for the bathroom in the morning and start the app as you get a drink of water. Don't think about whether you want to do it, just do it.

This worked for me and the early mornings are a lovely time to be out at this time of year - few people around and the birds are singing.

I hope it works for you.

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Go for it I went this morning in the rain and a lovely hot shower afterwards takes all the cold away.

I love a run in the rain, ok not all the time, but occasionally it can be refreshing and cooling. Then just jump in the shower when you get home and feel that extra bit of pride that you did it against all the elements! Go it!

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Just do it!😊 Of course avoid going out in the rain, it's a bit different if you're already out and it starts raining, it can be refreshing! Try not to think about other excuses or you'll never do it, so, as I first said, just do it!😊

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Schedule the 3 nights/days in the week when you are going to do it, and then get out there - you'll be glad you did!

Why do you want to do it?

If, like me, you see many people around you suffering from diseases and conditions that are caused and exacerbated by inactivity, then you don't let a bit of rain stop you from improving your chances of living a healthy and active life in years to come.

That said, I have only set out on a run in the rain on a handful of occasions over the past four years. Judicious use of the BBC Weather app and planning which days look most appropriate for running in the near future and with a degree of flexibility, you can miss the worst weather.

I go in a morning once my alarm goes off at an ungodly hour my running kit is ontop on my work clothes pile I just don't want to go back to sleep anymore. I love the high feeling of achievement whilst eating my special k at work watching everyone fall through the door half asleep like I used to.

Then using the weather forecast to decide gym or outside. I'm lucky my best friend goes with me at silly times and we work in the same building so there's no excuses or hiding from it!

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Once you get started you'll find the motivation! The feeling of accomplishment and pride as you finish each run is addictive. You will have bad runs, of course, but my suggestions is, on those days, come on here and tell people. They will soon put it into perspective - it's just one bad run, it doesn't mean that all future runs will be bad ones. After a couple of weeks running becomes a habit and it becomes less of a struggle to find the time. On evenings I'm not running, I now get home and wonder what to do with myself - whereas before I filled my evenings with watching garbage TV. There are times when you are proud, there are times when you are demotivated - this forum is amazing for sharing both. Don't worry about being motivated at this stage - it will happen! Good luck!

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You have to have a talk with yourself about it. What ifs scenario. Get some things out of the way that have been bothering you, e.g. Where is my willpower and why does it desert me when I need it most. I call it mental tennis 🙂 You need a virtual yin to your yang😃 You can have a ding dong with yourself if needs be. Clears the air a treat and then you can get out the flaming door, rain or no rain.

Get a running cap. Knock down all the reasons for not going out. 😃🏃‍♀️✔️👍

I felt much the same this morning before my bike ride!! But what everyone else said is SOOOOOO right:

1) sometimes it feels good in the rain

2) the shower at the end ALWAYS makes it feel better, and the shower is usually better if you're soggy from the rain too

3) the hardest bit is not doing the run/ride but getting out there in the first place, so put your clothes out ready for the morning

In addition to all that:

4) I remind you of the old "joke": How do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time. As I say, the hardest bit is getting out there--so just agree with yourself that you'll do that, and maybe the first running stint; chances are, you'll do the second and the third too, and so on. It's how I gave up smoking--by saying "I can smoke again tomorrow" enough days in a row that I didn't want to any more. But d'you know what--even if you do only do that first stint, it's one more than you would've done sitting inside; so...

...5) enjoy every win, every achievement, however small. And yes, as said above...

...6) come here and tell everyone either way!!

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