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First running event, first 10k!


So at the weekend I was watching a ted talk about doing more of the stuff you want to do in the time you have, twas all very sensible and reasonable. After watching it I decided to do a less sensible thing and signed up for a 10k in October.

As the title suggests, it's my first 10k having only completed 5k once before in the 3 years I've on and off been running due to various setbacks. And it's also my first event. I am so excited and so nervous! I've been putting off going out running because I'm scared I'll get hurt again and have to stop even though I have the all clear from the physio.

I've got no excuses of being scared now though- training starts in earnest tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great week running and thanks for letting me get that off my chest! :-)

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Good on you. Enjoy your training and have a great 10k run. (That's run not race!)

Returning2RunGraduate in reply to Jcab

Thanks, no race to be had :-P

Returning2RunGraduate in reply to Returning2Run

Cos I'm so slow I mean!


Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine, you have loads of time to prepare 👍

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