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W9 R2


I felt good about this the day before but not on the day of running it, but you got to get stuck in to it! Those athletes on the tv, next time I see them on I will be impressed!

It's hard work but I am still trying to get a time near where I envisaged (under 32mins). The course feels smaller so when it gets like that you can experiment a bit. Anyway I ran today:







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They are great times, you should feel proud of them. I am sure with all you are doing you will get to your goal. Well done. I'm always impressed by the times the professional do, hehe I'm my wildest dreams I probably wouldn't come close 😀.

Thanks. I think I'd still not be able to beat Sebastian Coe or Steve Ovett even though they retired years ago. Maybe one day


Well done. Nice steady times recorded. You will smash that 32:00 barrier very soon. I'm at a 5k PB of 32:23 since Saturday. Your ahead of me.

DawnRun in reply to damienair

Thanks. As soon as you finish you want to run it again and pick up time on certain areas. The lessening of the heat helps. That's the thing about running/jogging - there always seems to be someone in front of you in terms of time. But, knowing that helps you get on and focus on your own run I think. I'd love to be able to zip around in 18 minutes but I think I will let the experts do that. I was hoping to get around middlish parkrun finishing time bracket before I set off on a park run, as I don't want to finish at the back of the pack.


With those times you won't be at the back. That's for sure. You will even be passing out some of the early starts like myself last Saturday. I ran the 2nd Km way too fast and had to walk for 300-400 meters on the 4th km so as to recover. It's actually nice to start doing them now when you can see improved PB's. Below are my times from 6 Parkruns.

Parkrun 1 - 39:14

Parkrun 2 - 36:36

Parkrun 3 - 37:23

Parkrun 4 - 34:25

Parkrun 5 - 32:52

Parkrun 6 - 32:23

I want to be a sub 30 minute 5k runner, and be able to do that comfortably and consistently. I don't care about position, only the time. I get a real buzz now on Saturday morning. Especially love the post run recovery coffee.😀


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