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Short runs and helping the community

So this week runs have been short and sweet after last Sunday's 16k half marathon training run.

Wednesday hubby and I did short run as part of GoodGym mission, these are runs to an elderly or vulnerable adult who need some help with something, Wednesday was tidying a garden ready for a little party.

Today I signed up for another mission and headed to Victoria Park to help another person who needed their garden cleaning.

Short run followed by and hour and half of garden cleaning, decided to just run back to Olympic Park and treated myself to a coffee and cake before walking home.

Not my quickest times but as spent last night sing and dancing to Erasure and Robbie Williams at the Olympic Stadium I think have done a far bit of exercise this week.

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What a lovely idea!

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It is brilliant.

They do weekly group runs which are trainer lead,this is an evening run,which again is a team of you running to help some where in the local community, we have helped at schools,community gardens.

Missions are one offs to go and help someone who needs something done at home

Coach runs this is running to visit an elderly or vulnerable adult.... run to their house go in for a visit cup of tea and a chat then back home, I have just be paired with my coach and met them next week for the first time.

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What a busy week- well done!!

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Thanks,keeps me out of trouble and helping with weight loss 😜


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