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W6R2 Hills!

I don't know whether or not that was a good idea! I went to the local woods and completely underestimated the hills. The second run was a killer, and at one point my friend was literally running rings around me while I slowed down a bit for my first stitch of the program. And to add insult to injury, we came across a group of people doing training up and down the steepest incline of the woods!

But! I carried on, and even though the last 5 minutes felt like an hour (seriously Laura - is that really only 60 seconds at the end...?) I finished the run. It was tough, but I got there. Only long runs from now on.

As a treat, I had two delicious poached eggs on toast for tea - they've never tasted as good as they did after that run! Mmmmmmmm....

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Brave you, and well done for venturing from your normal routine. I'm not so brave, I have stuck to, and will continue using my ' flat ' course to the end; then I intend to vary my runs, to include gradient's and cross country.

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I do mix it up with varying flatter routes, but that was a completely different ball game. I might challenge myself a bit every week or two. I'll see


Oh I know! Wholemeal toast, butter too 😋😋😋😋

Well done 😃✔️🏃‍♀️

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Thank you!


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