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Just the 5k

Out at 4:30 for my normal early morning run quite a bit cooler here this morning so 5 minute warm up and following the route I took on Sunday but instead of turning left turned right at what would have the 2.5km point and carried on along the road back towards the village no more deviations now until I turn the corner for the last stretch down the slope down the footpath a short burst and its all over next run friday for a speed session.

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Lovely jubbly 🙂👍✔️🏃


I think not setting a time but just going for a run with a distance in mind helps with keeping the interest up have been doing some incline work which I can do in one go but Sunday's inclines did catch me out as the road rose quite gently but made it drag out but what a feeling when I got to the top and I had done it in one go.


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