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Couch to 5K
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I've done it!

So today I attempted Week 9 Run 1 and managed 3.15 mile in just under 30 mins. So happy right now!

I will now build on that and try to knock the time down for 5k as the weeks progress.

I can now finally start listening to my own music, as much as Laura and her playlist has helped me every step of the way I'd really like to have my own tracks out there.

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Fantastic. I was out for Run 2 of Week 9 earlier. It was a good run. Thanks to advice from this forum I spent yesterday drinking over 4 liters of water and drank a lot today. It paid off, even in this heat I was fine, had a comfortable run and could have done another 10 mins easy. Hope Run 3 is as comfortable. Enjoy your last 2 runs. Great pace.πŸ‘

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