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Week 1 complete and wow what a hot one today!

I ran the last of week one today. For someone who has refused to try running I'm really pleased with myself. Wasn't going to go today because of the heat but didn't want to make any excuses. Really trying to stay positive but can't see how I'll ever be up to running for 30 minutes in 9 weeks but I'm keeping the faith and enjoying reading everyone's posts!

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When I started I was the same. REALLY struggled to run for a minute. Now I'm graduated. So try not to worry about the future and try to trust the programme :)


Thank you! Love hearing that people felt the same and are now graduated. I've felt fine so far and I know it'll will work just a little hard to believe at the moment but I know I'll get there and can't wait to!! 😊


Keep us updated :)


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