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Too blinking hot! W5R3

I was prepared for this to be a tricky one, and I am now recovering in front of a fan. I was really proud of myself today. It's great that being out of breath isn't the thing that's on my mind now - it was the tired legs that made it harder. I just wish Laura would stop talking about how tired I might feel - if she wasn't talking about it, I might forget about being tired!

Anyway it's been a VERY busy few days so I'm a day later than usual - Take That at Carrow Road on Thursday night (a workout in itself!), ferrying kids around so I could go for a girlie sleepover with my friends, then work yesterday for our nursery family picnic followed by afternoon tea laid on by the boss. Lots of chaos, food and late nights. I had a month's worth of weekend activities in one weekend - I was glad of the peace and quiet for half an hour this morning!

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Well done to you 😊

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Well done πŸ‘

I've also completed W5 and know that tired legs feeling!

We will get used to it !! We wiiiiill πŸ˜‚

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