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W8 R2 I didn't get caught out here!

I thought I might come a cropper here and it suddenly got very hot , but by then I was well underway. I made the mistake last time of running the first kilometre a bit fast and of course that's not a good idea, so to cut a long story short. This was a more enjoyable run and therefore felt 'easier' than the W8 R1. I knocked off about 10 seconds again today but I didn't look at the pace thing til the end and assumed that I had been running slower than I was. The cadence thing shows lots of interesting changes but I tend to try and run to expend the least effort and glide rather than hit the floor, God knows what that looks like !

I think runners that are experienced and improve their cadence must be able to make big improvements with stride patterns. It's all interesting stuff. Rome wasn't built in a day. Times from 33.20 run- 6.40





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