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Week 2 Run 3

Well thats week 2 completed and can even say beginning to enjoy it. The music for me I think is key to take your mind off the fact your

running. Todays find was footloose, seemed to be the right tempo to my jog. So happy chappie coming into the weekend. Away for weekend so next run set for Monday... just have a quick look at Week 3 OMG. Run for 3 mins. Guess thats the next challenge, wonder how many times I'll have to repeat before I complete it? Any other music suggestions?

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The theme from Rocky!!!

It gets me through the hard times :)

Don't worry about the 3 minute run. Your body will recover and strengthen over the weekend and you'll smash it !

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Oh man, I just finished W3R1, and I was so scared of it when I saw there were two 3 minute runs! My legs were screaming at me by the end, but I finished the entire thing! I just figured out how to get music playing behind my running app, and I dont know how I did it without up to this point. Makes such a difference! And, as someone mentioned, the theme song to Rocky came on, and I was thinking how appropriate that was. 😁

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Cool hope i can complete on Monday . Sunday will be a day of sorting music!


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