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Week 1 Run 1 morning after

I expected to be stiff and sore but I am happy to find that I am not. My next planned day was today but upon reading everyone's advice and comments on my post last night I've decided to leave it until Friday (my next available day) and the Sunday.

One kind person told me that even though it's set up in weeks I don't have to complete each of the runs in the same week.

This was great advice for me and I've taken all of this on board.

Today's plan is just walking (my usual Wednesday routine)

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Well done! You'll be bitten by the bug and graduating before you realise it. Very sensible taking a rest.


Good for you, a few people have missed rest days and regretted it:( They either disappear because they cannot be bothered to follow this great structured programme or they end up on the injury couch the infamous IC. This won't happen to you though :) Great stuff!

Your rest days are where, (even if your body feel okay,) your muscles build, or as one of our friends on here says, rest and repair. As the runs get longer you will love your rest days! They are really important. Try some strength and flex or other exercise on those days too... walking is absolutely great, I love it :) swimming, even a day of housework or gardening :)

This the link to the NHS Strength and Flex which many of us did on rest days.

This is your running journey and you do it your way.. take an extra rest day if you wish; you organise this path the way you wish, around your life and family. I run, unless events prevent it, three times, Sunday ( favourite day...)Tuesday and Friday. I have done this since I started and graduated from C25K in 2015, it works for me :)

So.. good luck Friday :) I will be out there too:)

Look forward to your next post :) Go you :)


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