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well not used to this heat after 4/5 cold days this afternoon warmed up.

Had to go out for run before it cooled down did not have a lot of time so went to my local park instead of my usual trail.

there were a lot of people and a few runners and the park circuit is not flat

they are not hills as such just small gradients the downs are ok but the ups are draining.

this was a 20 min /3 k run and at the end i found it easy to stop and walk back home.

I could have done more i suppose but decided not to as i did 46 min instead of 35 on sat(crappy fitbit watch) so did not want to push it

Tried out my new toy (Garmin Vivoactive HR )when i finally got it set nearly did not bother but managed to alter the settings to suite and of i went .

it gave me various live readings my pace was at about 7 .4 min/ km

to start with and i thought that was a bit to fast and slowed down a bit

i got a bit confused with km/ hour and min per km

seem to have a bit of a mental block on this subject.

but i'm assuming that a pace of 7.40 min/km would relate to 74 mins for 10 if i kept that pace (in my dreams )

But my actual average pace was 6.54 min/km for the 3 km so i did not slow down i must have gone faster . Though it felt quite slow towards the end

will have to try to get to grips with speed /pace thing

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