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When to go on to 10k?

Hiya. I'm on week 8 and starting to look ahead to post graduation. I'm the sort of soul that needs a target or I get lazy, and after 8 weeks of hard work I don't want to fall off the treadmill-so to speak!

2 of my run routes include big hills, so I have decided that post W9R3, I am going to concentrate on getting up them faster than my current crawl-was pretty sure I was overtaken by a snail up one today!! But once I have achieved that, I would like to increase my running time to get to 1hr (therefore at current speed aprox 10k).

So far I have run injury free, which I put down to the slow and steady philosophy, so how long should I wait before increasing my run times by the magical 10%?

If my somewhat haphazard maths is correct, I should be up to 10K from 5K over a 9-10 week period; but want to make sure I'm not making things too hard that I give up!

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There a 5K + to do first before going onto 10K. :)


When I was training for half marathon, we would have added on a km to the long run each week.

You should check out the bridge to 10k section.

We maintained the running 3 times a week, and did 5km during the week, and then did a ling run either saturday or sunday adding a km each week so 5 weeks from 5k to 10k. Totally done without any professional advice or scientific basis. just what we decided to do.

Then from 10k to half marathon we added 1.5km each week.

Good luck with extending your running and on finishing the programme first of all.


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