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New job means new running time

So I have enjoyed weeks 1-5 with mostly afternoons runs in the local park. Starting a new job yesterday means I need to run before or after work. Completed my first morning run! I didn't roll over and press the snooze button for long as I didn't know when my next opportunity to run would be. I also like the scheduled days I currently run on. Just wondering what time people prefer to run and why?


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I am an early morning runner and when I say early we are talking 4:30 to 4:45 which enables me to do 5k comfortably with 6k just on the limit this gets me back in by 5:30 for breakfast and get ready for work.

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I'm only in W4 so no expert but I like to run early 6:30/7 ish which means I see less people and the air is lovely then, this time of year. I also like to beat the heat- I get red enough without it being hot 😎 Not sure what I'll do when winter comes though 😳

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