Times and 5k w3r3 completed

Hi all. I know the app is to help us get to run for 30 mins and to be honest that will be some achievement in itself but Im wondering what sort of distances would you expect to cover. (Slow runner! Learnt that one) just completed w3r3 and I have kept a track of times and distances etc and it seems that I'm covering a fraction more distance in less time which is fab. My pace is also improving very slightly. Thanks


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  • Well done, There's no set time, what matters is that you are improving your times, and most people will probably tell you not to even focus on time at all, but its tempting I know! Can't remember week 3 times now but from Week 5 Run 3 my times improved a lot, I think I did a 20 minute run and got a little over 2 kilometres in that week, I'm in week 7 which is a different kettle of fish , and can probably do 4 km in 28 minutes. The most important to me (and I am obsessed with times) is that I can run 4 km without stopping. If you mean what distance do you expect to cover in the end (like at the end of a 30 minute run on week 9), this is gonna vary massively for people, taking age etc into consideration. I think the other thing is your goals will change as you go through each week. I could walk 5km in 50 minutes and that was a brisk walk.

    And finally, the course builds you up in increments to get you to 5km anyway so you maybe running a good or bad pace but it doesn't necessarily mean you will keep that pace as you get to 5km. There are too many variables!

  • Fab going on your part though. Thanks for that. I guess I'm being a bit greedy haha. I will get there. My times and distance have massively improved in three weeks so I'm really pleased that I'm actually doing this. Thanks for your reply. X

  • Just done week 6 run 1 and made just over 4 miles.

  • That is including your warm up and walk down walks ...?

  • 4 miles? You only have to do 3? Good going either way

  • If some of us posted our distance covered in 30 minutes then you would discover that some of us are faster and some of us are slower than you. Likewise, we are all different ages, shapes, weights and physical abilities, so comparison is pretty meaningless and can be downright demotivating.

    Be proud of what you achieve and feel free to post it here.......we, of all people, understand that pride.

  • Yes I get that we are all different -makes the world go round. All I asked was for an indication ie 1km 2km 3km etc. That's all. I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far.

  • If you read enough posts by regulars on here you will get an idea of the times and how much they vary.

  • I ran 5k on two of my week 9 runs, at the age of 57, having not run for forty years. Others run further. Others run less.

    It's your personal achievement that matters, nobody else's.

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