So today I ran my first 4K, I know it probably won't seem that far to some people but quite an achievement for me :)

Does anybody else play a mental mind game with themselves when running? To try and keep them running? I seem to constantly overanalyse myself, my breathing, how fast I am running and I really just want to enjoy running. Please tell me I will just enjoy a run eventually?

Thanks :) x


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  • Well.. it depends which week you are on... ?

  • i didn't actually do a particular week this time around, just decided to go out and see how far I could run and that was my result 4K 29.39 minutes.... didn't think that was too bad :s

  • Very good distance and time too :) You must be very speedy... which week are you on now..?

  • Well done you! I can't wait to make it that far! Week2 Run2 for me and yes I do the overanalysing stuff too!

    Am I running in the correct way? Am I breathing correct? Should I try to relax more? Is that a niggle I can feel? Are my shoulders always this high? Should I slow down? Should I be speeding up? And so on!!!

    I'm sure one day all of that will subside to the enjoyment!!

  • Just run... slow and steady... that is all it takes:)

    Speed does not come into it... and at this early stage, you just relax into the run, breathe however feels right for you and just enjoy :)

  • Definitely my aim was just to keep going :) started to question my self on the way through when I wanted to stop, haha! Mental mind game to keep me going!

    Thankfor the advice, greatly appreciated :) x

  • This so sounds like me lol! I was on week 5 last week (doing it with a friend). Last night I went out on my own and just ran to see how far I could actually do now and that was my result! I was well impressed with myself.

    Keep going you will get there soon :) I did extras of week3 and 4 as I didn't feel ready to move on!


  • 4k is a really decent run so be proud! Yes, I think we have all overanalysed sometimes. It's a good idea occassionally to just leave your Garmin/watch at home and go for one of those nice slow ambles! ☺

  • Great idea Sandra, think I might try that next time :) x

  • Just make sure you don't push too far,too soon (you don't want to end up on the injury couch!) When I read your post I thought you had completed the program! Jacs-w makes a good point below. Good luck.☺

  • Great run.

    But you know you should stick to the programme. Week 5 r3 is 20 mins run. So you will have increased by just short of 30%. Even graduates are advised to increase by no more than 10% per week.

  • Sound advice... as ever xx

  • Ah ok I didn't know this , will head back to week 6 then :)

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