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Running with my daughter

My daughter is home for a holiday from NZ, & previously much of our time together would have been enjoying a nice coffee & nicer cake 🍰.

But now since I have been 'running' & getting slimmer & fitter, and she has too, our time this holiday has included running together & looking for places that serve delicious healthy treats!

Neither of us can believe how totally our focus has changed- but we're so happy about it! We have encouraged each other! It's good!

We're keeping on- the rewards are worth it! We look better, feel better & we're both proud of our own & of each other's achievements.

So if anyone is wondering whether to start or keep going- I would say yes it definitely is- go for it!

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Fabulous post! Lovely that you are enjoying running time together. Maybe you can do a few virtual runs together when she goes home?

Good luck and enjoy.

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How lovely. My niece lives in NZ and is inspired by my efforts with c25k and beyond and says she needs to find something that does for her what running does for me. However she is adamant it's not running - she's thinking about surfing; which is cool - my goal is to go to New Zealand and she can teach me to surf.

Enjoy your time together.


Yes running isn't my daughters choice either, she now does various different sports- life is much more outdoorsy there! It is a beautiful place & certainly worth a visit!

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Yay good for you 😃 It must be fab to run with family members. Run and cake with your daughter sounds just the ticket 🙂

My sis lived there and her daughter loved the sporty lifestyle too. She's about to become a PE teacher now. Sadly, she doesn't run 😮 Well, not yet 😎🙂


My daughter is also back from NZ and has encouraged me no end. We share our victories and will graduate together 🤗

Lucky for me she's here till September.

Enjoy your time together and happy running to you both 😊


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