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Help with 5k?

I'm about to start week 7 tomorrow. So far, I've not really been tracking how far I've been running, but a few days ago when I ran 25 mins, I mapped it and only ran just under 2 miles in that time. I'm not bothered about the speed I'm running, but I've signed up to do the race for life on the 8th July and I'm worried that I'm not going to be to run that far by then. The next 3 weeks of the programme really only take me up to 30 mins of running, so I'll still have a long way to go to manage the full 5k.

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You'll be fine, you may need to walk/run it depending on how 'fast' you are running by that time. Don't set off too fast, take it easy, and enjoy the event.


You don't have to have run 5K to run a 5K.

If you were preparing for a Marathon, you wouldn't necessarily run 26 miles as part of your training. You may do up to 22miles a few times and the race day atmosphere will carry you through the rest.

At the speed you mention, you are on for a 38 minute 5k. When you graduate you will have run for 30 minutes, that will be around 4km (2.5 miles). If you don't feel like you can push on to 5k, extend the plan and run for 32 minutes in Week 10, then 34 in week 11 etc. By race day you will be able to push on for the extra couple of minutes that you need. Actually by race day, you may find that you've sped up a bit and don't have to run for as long anyway.


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