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Week 4 completed!

This evening I completed week 4 (woop!) and despite my right calf being quite painful both during and after, I am feeling very pleased with self. Am currently trying to relieve some of the pain by applying an ice pack, whilst sipping a white wine 😁

Week 4 was a bit of a mixed bag - I really struggled with the first run, but runs 2 and 3 felt much easier. I think prior to run 1, I was just overthinking the 5 minute runs, and worrying myself - once I'd done the first run I knew I *could* do it, so the gremlins were a bit easier to ignore.

Week 5 here I come!

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Well done! Starting week 4 this week and looking forward to it! Week 5 is actually 1 minute less!


Really well done, you can do it! Keep stamping on gremlins!!


Take care of the calf. Dont aim to run through pain as you will exasperate it. Try some calf dips daily. Also a foam roller may be helpful.


Reading your post makes me feel a bit better about W4R1 this morning. I think the first new run of each week is a bit of a struggle because the routine changes, but I've always felt better about things by the last run of the week. Like you said - you know you can do it, I think it's just a case of going with the flow! Good luck with week 5 :)


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