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Week 4 run 1

Ok, so I have to start with a confession, I was naughty and skipped run 3 of week 3 🙊 I was supposed to go on Thursday but just felt quite "blurgh" - don't know how else to describe it. I'm not sure if it was a complete lack of motivation or I was under the weather but I just couldn't make myself go (and I'm usually quite good at talking myself into going, even when I really really don't want to).

Anyhow, today I was contemplating doing week 3 run 3 but as I've been feeling ok on the runs, thought I'd try week 4 run 1 on the proviso that if it didn't go well, I'd go back to week 3.

As it turns out, I didn't mind the increase from 3 mins to 5 mins at all, so plan to carry on with week 4 on Monday and Thursday.

Fingers crossed for no more "blurgh" days 🤞

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Why? Why not do the programme? Is the plan to get to the end of the horrible thing as soon as possible and then never run another step? Do you have an event booked? Or is the idea to run regularly for 30 minutes? (ie are your aims and those of the programme the same)

When people have 'graduate' after their name here, the idea is it means they have completed in full a minimum of 27 runs rather than 'pick and mix' and part of the 'education' provided by the programme is as much holding the 'boom and bust'ers back so they stay safe and establish a habit as encouraging those lacking in confidence (and yes, many people can be both at different times!)

This is a long way of saying what Rignold has said in just 4 letters, and sometimes it goes down like a lead balloon. It is not that we don't want to encourage you - we very much do, and it is lovely to see confidence and enthusiasm. You haven't been 'naughty' (I guess most of us like to feel we're a bit daring sometimes), it's not a moral issue and no programme can be so finely tuned that you are certain of injury by doing more, you just haven't followed the programme you set out to follow. And there is a satisfaction to be gained from following it (even by those of us who like to think we don't always unthinkingly do as we are told!)


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